position ǰ Jewelry - Area Retail Management
level 븮~
firm ǰ Jewelry
summary Retail Manager is responsible for the all shop provide excellent customer service and thereby enhancing the brand image and for managing and supporting to achieve Sales.

1.         To Carry out regular visit on all shops to collect market information and to ensure of display quality according to visual merchandising concept, proper use of communication materials, shop tidiness and cleanliness.

2.         To input good image and upgrade brand value, communicate and discuss with each department buyer.

3.         Prepare monthly sales report by shop and department store managers for submission to sales manager domestic.

4.         Handle all information inquiry from department store offices.

5.         To build and mainatain close working relationship with department buyer.

6.         Inform shop opening &closing, renewal, special sales event data and detail to other department staff.

7.         Prepare special event plan report including event Lay-out, sales forecast, and promotional activities.

8.         Support the sales staff to make a success of the sales promotion activities.

9.         To manage manpower allocation and the work schedule of all shop employees in terms of overtime, leave, absence, reporting late for work, getting cooperation from departmentstore buyers.

10.     To plan for the opening of new and renewal of existing shops in terms of shop furnishing and architecture, space negotiation, product selection, staff hiring within required time and budget.

11.     Assist Sales Manager.

12.     Communicate with PR regarding marking DM for production and any issues for public relations to increase current sales

13.     To manage KPI shop by shop and communicate with shop manager to improve KPI


14.     To communiate and prepare for sales staff training issues with training manager.





























15. To motivate retail assistant so to conduct her plan for career path and to perform better on her duties.

requirements 1. ð 5 2. 4 ̻ 3.   4. ý MS office
status filled
posted on 2013-09-26

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