position 외국계 온라인 기업 Seach Editorial Manager
level 과장급
location 서울 강남
compensation 협의

Job Description 1. Mentoring and motivating a team of editorial professionals responsible for maintaining data quality across the web search product line. 2. Managing all existing web search relevance testing projects end-to-end and helping develop new ways to measure web search results quality. 3. Overseeing the effort to define and refine the web search group’s content policies. Taking responsibility to ensure that the team enforces these policies as accurately and comprehensively as possible. 4. Directing the web search metrics team’s judgment quality assurance processes and procedures. 5. Setting goals for both the team as a whole and for individual contributors and helping the team members meet those goals. 6. Fostering an environment in which editorial team members are extremely productive and have high job satisfaction.

requirements Graduate degree in Information Science, Linguistics, or related field. At least two years of direct people management experience in the information retrieval industry, preferably at a general web portal or search engine. Sufficient technical acumen to manage a team whose mandate is to identify web search spam. Demonstrated written and oral communication skills. Fluent in English.
status filled
posted on 2011-04-08

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