position 외국계 기업 Cooperate Account Manager
level Specialist
location 서울 강남
compensation 협의
외국계 기업 Cooperate Account Manager 대리급
-          To maintain quality relationships with current key (including corporate, global) accounts

-          To increase sales opportunities in current key (including corporate, global) accounts

-          To sell new key (including corporate, global) accounts.

-          To work with key operating managers in key accounts and at local chain headquarters to develop programs that meet the specific requirements of those accounts while expanding company’s position within those accounts.
-          Excellent English speaking & writing.

-          Demonstrated strong sales and management skills.

-          Demonstrated ability to negotiate to yes and around no.

-          In-depth knowledge of markets, accounts, product lines, demonstration techniques and Institutional Product distributors.

-          Demonstrated commitment to continual improvement and to providing as excellent level of customer service.

-          Demonstrated ability to develop and implement corporate account sales programs.

-          Ability to communicate effectively with all levels of the organization both within and outside the institutional Division.

-          Financial aptitude – Demonstrated ability to set prices and understand the consequences of the price agreements within pricing guide line.

-          Preferred major in hotel management and/or good experience in hotel & chain restaurant.

전형방법 :
서류전형 후 면접

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status filled
posted on 2011-04-08

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