position Software Engineer Director
level 이사급
location 서울 강남
compensation Negotiation
firm 외국계 소비재 회사
responsibilities Scope and Responsibilities:

As the Director for the Korea Engineering Team, you will lead the teams responsible the Korea eCommerce platform, providing E2E platform services including dev-ops, site maintenance, launch operations, partner integrations including call center system integration. Specifically, you must;
* Lead a high performing, agile engineering team(s) responsible for the development, delivery, health and maintenance of the current Korea cloud-based eCommerce platform
* Use your experience to scale the eCommerce platform for increasing consumer demand or --- Brand moments
* Be able to listen and lead conversations of varying audiences within ---; Engineering, Product, Business, Product Support etc.
* Profile and performance tune your and your team’s work continuously to ensure we deliver the fastest web experience to --- consumers
* Manage relationships and productivity with external engineering partners/services that integrate with the eCommerce Platform
* Be the point person with multiple product and technology and engineering teams in order to integrate into --- global platforms as well as external platforms
* Intake and provide estimates through the product lifecycle process to help plan for near, mid and long term capability delivery and facilitate trade-off discussions with business and product
* Oversee and engage in production support including defining and managing to KPI’s, incident and problem management
* Participate in design sessions, implementation plans, resolve technical issues, review code and provide feedback
* Ensure successful quality software with emphasis in these areas: Security, Privacy, Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Performance
requirements Required Qualifications:
* Masters’ or Bachelors' degree in Engineering / Computer Science or a related field
* Minimum 8 years professional experience in the design of complex projects across web platforms & mobile applications, with internal and external design, development, and quality teams
* Fluent in Korean and English. Able to listen and lead conversations of varying audiences within ---; Engineering, Product, Business, Product Support etc.
* Experience in owning a broad, consumer + business-facing system, ideally a full e-commerce system with hooks into fulfillment, merchandising, analytics, profile, payment, PCI, etc
* Minimum of 5 years of experience and success in designing, developing consumer-facing web applications for highly available, scalable and secure sites
* Deep understanding of the principles of backend + front-end technologies, observability, analytics, continuous delivery, security, etc
* DevOps skills including experience automating fully repeatable service deployments (Experience using Puppet/Chef/Saltstack/Ansible is a plus)
* Experience with quickly identify Architecture diagrams, API specs, integration options, code repository management tools and Domain-driven design principles.
* Solid understanding of SLDC’s, Common development practices, Agile, and Lean principles.
* Recruiting experience in identifying/screening, on-boarding and growing engineering talent with the following technology stacks
status new listing
posted on 2021-03-02

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