position 미국계 화학회사 Technical Center Manager - 공장장
level 임원
compensation 협의

미국계 화학회사 Technical Center Manager -공장장 ( 생산관리,품질관리 )


New Products and Programs: 1. Supports a Project Management Process to ensure new products and programs meet Business Growth targets, and comply with New and Modified Products Metrics. Manages resource allocations to support the current business and new product projects/program introductions.   2. Ensures characterization of local technology requirements and drives projects to identify, select, and implement appropriate solutions from existing programs or modifications as needed. Follows the Phase 2 – 5 new product development process, developing organizational competencies in Project Management for continuous improvement.   3. Ensures the development and utility of Intellectual Property, through patent filings, trade secrets, and the support of Technical Notebooks and Reports.   4. Ensures ongoing external awareness of technology, competitors, and emerging and disruptive opportunities. Operational Excellence:   5. Manages ongoing Support for Operations, quality improvement, cost reduction, and RMs. Ensures timely awareness of regulatory changes and compliance of products and systems with regulatory requirements.    6. Develops and maintains in-depth knowledge of local market needs and technical requirements  7. Ensures Technical Service / Applications Support is provided to meet the Business customer service and associate training and support requirements. Provides Leadership in defining those requirements.   8. Ensures full compliance to GLP / GMP requirements and manages any required registration activities.

requirements 제조업체 경력 10년이상   Fluent in English
status filled
posted on 2011-04-08

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