position Mechanical Engineer
level 대리 과장급
location 용인시 기흥구
compensation Negotiation
firm 외국계 화학회사

[Job Description]

1. Responsible for all maintenance aspects of mechanical equipment in plants. The mechanical equipment includes all types of compressors, expanders, blowers, gearboxes, cooling towers, fin-fan coolers and all types of pumps including cryogenic pumps. Other equipment such as heat exchangers and packaged items can be included.

생산공장의 기계 및 장치류 정비업무를 담당하며, 주요 관련 설비는 압축기, 팽창기, 송풍기, 기어박스, 냉각탑, 열교환기 (Fin-tube & Shell & tube) 및 모든 펌프류(냉각수/초저온)를 포함함

2. Submit the maintenance report including all performed maintenance record and findings.

정비내역 데이터 및 상세기록 포함한 업무보고서 작성

3. Work with other maintenance/engineering functions including electrical, instrument, controls, etc.

전기/계장/제어 정비 및 엔지니어링 담당과의 긴밀한 협업

? Perform the preventative maintenance (PM) activity as sper PM system allocated to each machinery in the relevant plant.

예방정비 프로그램 절차에 따른 정비활동

? Identify the cause of troubles, build up the action plans, and follow up until to the resolvement.

기계 고장원인 파악, 정비방안수립 및 이에 따른 실행

? Manage the equipment list, datasheet, drawings and other documents of equipment

장비목록, 사양서, 도면 및 기타 관련 문서 관리

? Utilize the maintenance management system implemented in the company.

전사적으로 사용중인 정비관리시스템 사용

? Create solid relationships with major machinery suppliers and service contractors in Korea.

주요 기계 및 장치류 공급업체/수리업체와의 연락/협업 유지

? Participant in the installation and commissioning of rotating and reciprocating equipment for new plants.

신규 생산공장의 기계류에 대한 설치 및 시운전 지원

? Continually work with Korea engineering/maintenance staff, operation team and plant manager to drive productivity and cost savings and enhancement through improved work process and equipment performance.

업무절차 및 장비효율 개선을 통한 생산성향상 및 원가절감을 위해 관련 정비담당자, 공장운전팀 및공장장과의 협업

? Actively participant in safety programs, promote, and enforce safety rules and good housekeeping methods.

사내 안전절차의 철저한 준수 및 안전활동에 적극적인 참여.



? Bachellor’s degree or Polytech with 2-years experience) 4 년제 또는 2 년제+경력 

? Knowledge in process plant equipment is a plus, especially with interest in rotating machines 플랜트 기계장치류 및 안전밸브(PSV) 지식보유자 우대 

? Willingness to work on hands-on maintenance job

정비실무의 직접수행 가능하여야 함

? Medium reading & written skills, Basic verbal communications skills.

 영문 기술자료 해독 및 도면 이해 능력 

? Organizational & interpersonal communication skills ? 조직 및 개인간 소통 능력 

? Willingness to travel to various plant locations within Korea to provide machinery support to existing and new plants. 국내 각지역에 소재한 생산공장 출장가능 및 운전가능
status filled
posted on 2019-02-08

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