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We are proud to work with some of the leading companies in Korea.

We never cease in our efforts to find and deliver the best possible candidates for every position we are asked to fill. We are in the business of building trust and long-standing partnerships.

Our services are tailored to enterprise clients looking to acquire new talent, as well as the needs of talented individuals looking to further their careers.

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See some of the open positions currently available at HR Kimberly.

  • Digital marketing Manager- 대리과장급 (서울 강남)
  • C&B Manager 차부장급 (서울)
  • Supply Chain Tactical Planner 과차장급 (서울 강남 / 동탄)
  • Field Health & Safety Specialist 대리 과장급 ( 울산)
  • BD & Marketing Specialist 과차장급 (서울 강남)
  • Production Engineer 과장급 ( 울산)
  • Quality Manager 이사급 (용인시 기흥구)
  • Brand Manager 대리과장급 (서울 강남)
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About HR Kimberly

Our Vision

Since April 2002, we have been
tirelessly working towards leading the
domestic HR industry.
We seek to achieve this by providing
services that add creative value to our
To make this happen, we employ the highest
degree of exactitude possible while retaining
a sound standard of work ethics.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on providing enterprise clients
with the best possible consulting experience by
recommending only viable and high-calibre candidates.

We provide individual clients with the best
possible services for managing and
developing their careers.



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